ATI is a custom integration specialist focused on providing only the finest in high-end home theaters, distributed audio/video and home automation. Whether building a new home or restoring classic, ATI will use state-of-the-art technology to create a luxury lifestyle that is comfortable, convenient, and secure.

Home Theaters

ATI provides an extensive range of home theater services that include start-to-finish home theater design and installation, acoustic design, full acoustic treatment, audio and video calibration, theater seating, and wall finishing. ATI has proficiently mastered theaters from simple surround sound systems to top-of-the-line complex home cinemas. No matter what you have in mind, ATI creates an environment that is acoustically sound and aesthetically appealing.

Luxury Home Theaters by ATI America
Luxury Home Audio and Video by ATI America


Distributed whole-house audio/video makes listening to music or watching a movie easier than ever before. Listen to your personal music library, satellite radio, or music apps from anywhere in your house. Control audio/video for an individual room or the entire home with the touch of a button. ATI blends technology and design with discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that are designed to match the interior of the home. Select movies or TV shows using your personal database from any TV in the home. Searching through multiple devices for music, movies and TV favorites are a thing of the past.

Home Security

Linked Security offers equipment and monitoring for fire, flood, carbon monoxide, surveillance, and climate control. With our variety of security and monitoring options, we personalize systems for each individual customer. Linked Security integrates with all our provided home automation platforms, making security and surveillance easily accessible through in-wall touch panels or remotely from any mobile device. Whether you’re at home or away, we have you covered.

Home Security by ATI America
Energy Conservation by ATI America

Energy Conservation

ATI’s home automation systems provide more than just convenience and comfort! ATI has developed energy-monitoring solutions that will accurately identify areas or appliances that consume the most power, giving the homeowner the opportunity to conserve energy and be in control of desired efficiency levels.